Mvuramanzi is a local Zimbabwean registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO), Registration Number PVO 28/96, formed in 1993 to assists in the development of rural and peri-urban areas by the provision of safe water supplies, sanitation facilities, health and hygiene promotion and education. The Trust has since expanded into the provision of water for production.


Mvuramanzi Trust is run by a Board of Trustees whose mandate is outlined in the organization’s constitution. The Board comprises of highly qualified and experienced professionals in various fields to enable it to properly advise and oversee the operations of the organisation through its senior management.

Our Board of Trustees

Mr M. Chidavaenzi


Mr N Mawoyo


HR Mashingaidze

Board Member

Mr. L. Mujuru


Dr. S. Munyati

Board Member

Engineer Kaseke

Board Member

Dr P Morgan

Board Member (ex officio)

Mvuramanzi Trust works within and is guided by the following;

Guiding Principles and Values

In pursuance of our business Vision and Mission Mvuramanzi Trust shall be guided by the following principles:

  • Honesty and transparency in all our transactions.
  • The practice of good governance and maintenance of ethical behaviour.
  • Continuous research and development of new products and education services, and the improvement of existing product lines.
  • Fulfilling our social responsibilities to employees, the public and the environment.
  • Ensuring that all our operations contribute positively towards a reasonable return on the assets employed.
  • Retaining and developing all employees through competitive rewards, recognition of efforts and opportunity for personal development.
  • Applying the concepts of total quality and service to all our clients both internal and external.
  • Conserving resources through sound management, improved productivity and financial control.
  • Providing education and training services to meet the differing needs of a diverse client base.
  • Developing a sound relationship with all stakeholders including government, the donor community and the corporate world.
  • Ensuring that employees accept full responsibility and accountability for all key performance areas of their positions.

Encouraging teamwork and collaboration across all functional areas.

Our Vision

To continually strive to improve the standard of living of people living in the rural areas of Zimbabwe by providing equipment, technical assistance, education and training in the effective use of water resources and sanitation.

Our Mission

To meet our client’s expectations by the provision of good quality and reliable products together with professional services and user satisfaction.

Our Pupose

To contribute to the development and growth of the Rural and Peri-Urban areas in Zimbabwe by providing technical support, training, education and consultancy services in the sustainable use of water resources, sanitation facilities and related social services.


The objectives of Mvuramanzi Trust are:

  • To provide support and assistance to government and non-governmental organizations and other organizations in implementing projects in the area of appropriate water supplies and sanitation in rural and peri-urban areas of Zimbabwe.
  • To provide training in the water sector to communities and institutions.
  • To act as a resource centre for the dissemination of information, knowledge and experiences in water supplies, sanitation as well as health and hygiene promotion.
  • To undertake applied research and development into appropriate technologies, implementation processes and materials for the promotion of water and sanitation projects.

Since 1993 when the Trust was formed, the main activities undertaken include, inter alia, the following:

Provision of safe water supply to rural communities

  • Upgraded over 42,000 individual family wells fitted with windlass and buckets.
  • Fitted 6,000 Rope Pumps to community and individual shallow wells for both primary consumption and livelihood development.
  • Repaired and rehabilitated over 1,000 Type ‘B’ Bush Pumps for Boreholes.
  • Constructed over 300 Rain Water Harvesting tanks.

Provision of Safe Excreta Disposal

  • Assisted 16,000 families with single and double compartment Ventilated Improved Pit Latrines (VIPs).
  • Assisted 200 schools with 10 squat hole multi compartment latrine block each.
  • 2,400 families assisted with the construction of various options of Ecological Sanitation toilets.
  • Constructed 800 upgradeable BVIPs.
  • Participated in the construction of 2 pilot Bio digesters in Harare.

Community Capacity Development

  • 10,000 community members trained in masonry and bricklaying including women, girls and boys.
  • 1,000 community members trained as pump minders to assist in bush pump repairs and maintenance.
  • 1,000 members trained in rope pump fittings.

Recent & Current Projects

Mvuramanzi Trust also piloted the AusAid funded ZimCATS (Zimbabwe Community Approaches to Total Sanitation) through UNICEF project (2011-2013) in Binga & Hwange. This pilot saw the birth of the Rural WASH Project, funded by DFID, that up scaled the ZimCATS pilot to 33 districts in Zimbabwe. Mvuramanzi Trust scaled up the approach in 6 of these districts; namely: Binga, Bulilima, Chegutu, Hwange, Mangwe and Sanyati districts from 2013 to December 2016.

The Trust also implemented a 6 months project in which it completed 251 single BVIPs in Chirumhanzu for Oxfam GB under the ongoing Zvitambo project in Chirumhanzu district.

The Trust has also implemented the following projects within the last 5 years;

  1. The Centralized Emergency Relief Fund (CERF)project in Tsholotsho district
  2. The CERF project in Binga & Hwange district funded by OCHA through Unicef
  3. The National Committees (NatCOM) of Unicef institutional Emergency projects in Binga funded by NatCOM Australia and Germany
  4. The OFDA Emergency WASH project funded by US Aid in Binga
  5. The Basic Education & Gender Equity (BEGE) project being funded by the German government – 2018
  6. The Goal Sanitation Project – 2018

Current Projects

Current projects being implemented by Mvuramanzi Trust include, inter alia, the following;

  1. The Rural WASH medium term project funded by co-funded by UNICEF and DFID
  2. WSSCC-UNOPS – 2018 – 2020
  3. Centralized Emergency Relief Fund (CERF)


Mvuramanzi Trust has over the years enjoyed the support of international donors and NGOs who we give credit for the provision of funds for us to be able to assist the needy communities in the rural areas.

Among the list of donors are Mercy Corps, The Embassy of Netherlands, Oak Zimbabwe Foundation, Oxfam GB, and Rotary International through their local clubs, The Royal Norwegian Embassy (NORAD), The Swedish Embassy, Goal Zimbabwe, WSSCC and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

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